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About Us: 

Our owner is a Mexican American with a passion to do Mexican snacks differently. At the age of 13, he tried his first Clamato drink while vacationing in Mexico and discovered what would soon become his greatest endeavor and mission. For years, he would try to find the exact recipe combination that would result in a Michelada or Clamato drink that he could enjoy daily after a long, hard day of work. Tinkering with concoctions and ingredients, after a few years, he got it! The cable Tana recipe was born. What followed or many delicious creations and twists on traditional and newly popular Mexican snacks that continue to take the world by storm.    

You can get a Clamato nowadays mostly anywhere, but you will never try anything like the 70 Chilada or the traditional Clamazo recipe we have at all of our locations. 

Our aim and mission is to continue to make traditional yummy Mexican snacks you may have had at your abuelita’s house while continuing to develop new and exciting tastes that are sure to blow your mind.

Welcome to Kbotana.